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Useful Articles

The benefits of socialising a puppy/dog

Dogs love to socialise, not only with their family members but also with other dogs too. It’s not always possible to let your dogs play with other dogs that they might see whilst out on a normal walk due to various reasons such as the other dogs may be scared of larger/smaller dogs or they might be kept on lead.

The benefit of a group walk with a professional dog walker is that your dog will be a part of the “pack” and he/she will be able to play with the other dogs freely as all of the dogs in the pack are well socialised and enjoy play fighting, chasing each other, playing fetch etc, which is perfectly normal dog behaviour.

Exercise for your dog

It’s very important that your dog receives daily exercise to help keep their body and mind in good health. A daily walk with a “pack” will give your dog the physical workout that they need to stay fit and healthy and keep their weight under control, as well as giving them lots of mental stimulation too. The dogs have the choice weather to run around frantically with each other or even take a nice steady stroll, either way they are getting the exercise that they need.

Keeping your dog’s body and mind fulfilled with plenty of exercise also means that they are more likely to be content when they are left alone at home. Having a tiring workout means they are more likely to sleep after their exercise. They are less likely to demonstrate behavioural problems such as being destructive or separation anxiety as their day alone will be broken up into shorter time periods.